"...Our campers were impressed with how easy and quick it was...As the park owner, cleaning the fire pits is a dirty and unpleasant job that needs to be done. Your fire pits makes this job a breeze with easy cleanup and it makes the job quick and relatively painless..."
- Pete and Sheree LeGro, Tennessee

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"We want you to know how much we appreciated having Safe Start Gel on our last camping trip. Much of the wood we had access to was damp, but Safe Start Gel got our campfire going in seconds. It was extremely easy to use and we really liked the fact that the cap had a recessed point to pierce the tube (and not other things!). We also did a side by side comparison with another product we had left over from a previous trip. Safe Start Gel started quicker and burned longer. We are Safe Start Gel fans for life! Thanks for the great product."
- Sally and Tom, Wisconsin

"This charcoal is the best charcoal I have ever used. Never again will I use anything else."
- J.Wilson, Illinois

"Terrific Charcoal!"
- P. Donaldson, Minnesota

"I loved the disposable grill. My food cooked fast and it stayed hot long enough to even roast marshmallows after we ate."
- P. Baker, California

"Great Products."
- B. Tabour, Maryland

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